As an artist/explorer, Erin's work seeks to lessen the distance between “out there” and “down here”; what exists out in the vast cosmos she wants to be able to hold in her hands. She continuously investigates materials that support this underlining desire, and as a result, her studio practice expands to include: graphic design, book arts, papermaking, printmaking, and fiber arts.

In recent work, she is especially drawn to a new process that allows her to manipulate and participate in creating her own “big bangs” by combining powdered pigment and baking soda with vinegar and infusing that reaction into sheets of handmade paper. Along with this process, she adapts Ukrainian folk art traditions from her ancestry such as the use of embroidery, color symbolism, and natural dyes to create work that is simultaneously celestial and tangible, immense and intimate.



Erin Malkowski is local a book artist, printmaker, graphic designer, and book conservation technician. Erin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and Graphic Design from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2010, and completed her Master of Fine Arts in Book Arts and Printmaking from University of the Arts in 2014.

Erin currently teaches Publishing and Packaging at Hussian, Basics of Graphic Software at the University of the Arts, and was a private design instructor at New York Academy of Art in New York City. When not in the classroom Erin can be found in the conservation lab at Historical Society of Pennsylvania and working as a freelance designer for institutions around the city such as Girls Inc., The Muse Collaborative, and Historical Society of Pennsylvania. As an artist, Erin’s work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. Her artist book We Float Like Dust can be found in special collection libraries across the country, including Olin Library at Wesleyan University and the Robert Hass Family Arts Library at Yale University.